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How Changing Your Diet Can Influence The Sex Of Your Baby
Page 2

- Salted meat products

- Fish

- Sausage

- Rice

- Potatoes

- Beans

- Peaches

- Bananas

- Apricots

- Melons

- Tomatoes

- Sweet Corn

Of course it is not guaranteed that you will have a boy or girl simply by changing your diet. Other things you can do to influence the gender of your baby is to time intercourse. Research suggests that timing intercourse a few days before ovulation will result in a girl, whereas timing intercourse the day of or day before ovulation is more likely to result in a boy. This is because the male Y-sperms are considered weaker and will die off before you ovulate if you have intercourse earlier in your cycle. There are other studies that suggest that men who wear tighter underwear or keep their scrotum warmer are more likely to have girl babies, because the boy’s Y-sperm need a cooler temperature to survive.

Ultimately there are no guarantees when it comes to choosing the gender of your baby. There are some scientific methods that involve ‘spinning’ sperm, but many of these are still under research and can be quite expensive.

No matter what method you choose, remember to have fun. The end result of your efforts is a beautiful baby regardless of their sex.

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How Changing Your Diet Can Influence The Sex Of Your Baby
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