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Your Curious Baby: Baby's Seventh Month Guide

 by: Michelle Higgins

In baby's seventh month, he is still pretty interactive, but he is more interested in taking apart his toys (and anything else that he can lay his hands on) than just meaningless babble. The days are over when you can set your baby someplace and come back ten minutes later to find him still at the same spot. Your seven month-old baby has developed a sense of independence and wants to explore your house (and beyond) all by himself.

Carry me!

Your seven month-old baby has a predicament. She wants to see the world, yet she can't walk around either. Solution! Why not let Mamma taxi her around. You must cuddle and carry your baby but also take care not to overdo it. A baby who is constantly carried does not get the chance to practice her motor skills to perfection. It is a good idea to let baby entertain herself, while you are still around to supervise her.

Finger foods

Your seven month-old baby might now be eager to experiment with adult fare. If your transition to solids has been smooth, you can now introduce finger foods and snacks too. Some moms use food processors to grind up everything the family eats, so that baby gets a taste of everything. Ensure that your baby is not allergic to any foods. The best way to make sure is to introduce foods one at a time.

Cry, Cry, till you succeed

Your baby now knows that crying is her weapon. She can wield it against anyone she likes and get her job done. She might cry less with other caregivers than with her parents. This might be disconcerting but there is no reason to take it personally. Your stress might be transmitted to baby, so relax when you get home, and unwind with baby. Put your chores on hold or do them with baby around (Watching you is probably her favorite pastime).

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Your Curious Baby: Baby's Seventh Month Guide
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